40-Day Deeper Bible Course

with Official Certificate.

40-Day Deeper Bible Course
Small Prayers are a bore to God.

You Have Made An Excellent Choice! A deeper study of God’s Word has always been a major difference between those who are serious about their walk with Christ, and those who are not.

Some complete this structured study a few days early. Others, a few days later. No problem... You may work at your OWN PACE. The point is that you spend quality devotional time on each lesson.

Yes, your work will be graded! Once you have completed each assignment in the designated section, you will then email the entire completed 40-Day course back to us.

Grades are based on:
A) Your understanding of the text and/or subject matter

B) Your ability to communicate that understanding with some degree of details in writing

C) Your use of “Additional Text” (including additional reference scriptures into the lesson)

40-Day Course with Official Certificate ($21 Donation)

The Lord Jesus Himself said, “Launch out into the deep, and let down your nets for a draught.” (Luke 5:4b KJV)

Whichever way you choose to interpret the above text, it will always mean that the good things are in the deep. What God has for you will never be found in the shallow waters.

1. Make a conscious decision to take the course.

2. Enroll by clicking below.


4. Your responses in the course will be individually reviewed. Grades are based on understanding of each assignment, so complete responses will generate higher grade scores.

5. After satisfactory completion, you will receive an Official Certificate signifying you have demonstrated satisfactory completion of the course.

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